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A Few Good Men

We stepped out of the portal into a strange world.  We intended to come home to earth for we had been from another dimension to explore worlds beyond.  Yet, what lay before us was a vast wasteland, and darkness reigned all over the land.  The clammy breeze softly whispered thoughts of dread we dare not even imagine.

This could not be! The calculations were accurate! The time gadget never malfunctioned before. I silently thought.

There were four of us, the defenders of peace on earth.  We were heroes of the new era, a bunch of extraordinary beings with superhuman abilities.

“DUCK!” someone shouted.  It was Ziel, the guy with heightened senses and extra-quick reflexes.  We fell flat on the ground just in time to avoid being swooshed off by an unseen force.

“They’re all around us.”

“Yeah, right.  I don’t need spider senses to feel that!” mumbled Ahmeel, the oversized guy with the strength of a thousand men.

“We have to move fast!” Essence blurted matter-of-factly.

“It’s nice to hear that from a woman who could run faster than a bullet,” someone sarcastically said.

“Enough of that guys!” said I, the telekinetic and elasti-girl in one.  “We’ve got to find someplace to conceal our presence.”

“…and find out where on earth are we – that is, if we are indeed on earth.”

And so it was that four confused but still hopeful heroes ran and ducked to avoid an unseen foe until we finally found a hiding place – a cave.

“At last!” someone blurted out.

“Ssshhh…I feel a presence.  Someone’s in here.” I said

It was then that we realized a lone figure huddled up in a corner.  He was quivering and shaking with fright, so frail and so weak.

Ahmeel, feeling that he was mainly the object of the man’s fear, wanted to do something to somehow put the stranger at ease.

“Do not fear, we come in peace,” he said in his low booming voice, complete with sign language.

We couldn’t help but giggle.  He looked like an overgrown school boy.

The man’s eyes lighted up with recognition.

“You have come back,” he softly said, as if it took all his strength just to get the words out of his mouth.

Back?  It means we really are on earth.  I thought. 

The man continued, “It was a massacre.  The…They came quickly.  They eliminated everyone who stood in their way and brainwashed the rest.  We were waiting for your return but now, it’s too late.  The darkness has  conquered  the land.   Why…why haven’t you come….I…I…”

That was the last we heard of him.  Ziel tried to resuscitate him but it was too late.  We never even knew his name.

So the earth is now ruled by an invisible enemy.  We had to act quickly.  We found garments lying on the cave ground and disguised ourselves as brainwashed humans – acting and walking in a straightforward and lifeless manner. We searched the land for remaining survivors but only found people who have embraced the new powers which ruled the land.  They have been totally won over to the other side.  We then came to a village…it seemed different for reasons we did not exactly comprehend.

There we met Micfranc, who seemed to be a village elder.  He was just sadly staring blankly into the skies.

Ziel asked him, “Do you love the darkness?”

The man just looked up with empty eyes and said, “Nobody loves the light anymore.”

We, the four heroes, looked at each other and desolately walked away, feeling everything is lost.

Suddenly, something came to me, like a flicker in the darkest hour.

“Guys!  It was a bluff!  They were not brainwashed like the rest!  They were just pretending so that they’d be able to protect themselves.  They thought we are of the darkness!”

They just looked at me as if I’ve gone mad.

“Are you sure of this?”  Essence inquired.  “What do you intend to do?”

“Let’s go back and reveal our identity.  Let’s give them hope.”

“That’s too much of a risk,” uttered Ahmeel.

Ziel then had the last say.  “But then we’ve got nothing to lose anymore, it’s worth a try.  Better to die trying than to live a life of loss.”

Back at the village, we searched for Micfranc and found him at exactly the same spot where we left him.  We persuaded him to talk with us alone, and after a while he agreed.  He seemed suspicious and somewhat apprehensive now.  He held his staff tight as if holding on for dear life.  The shadows cast a hue of yellow brown upon his gloomy face.  We were also in defensive mode just in case our hunch about the village was wrong.

“What do you want from me?” he spoke first.  “I’ve done nothing wrong, stay away from me!”

That was when our hunch was confirmed.  He greatly dreaded us, thinking we were the very manifestation of the evil adversary.

He attacked Essence first, being the smallest in stature among           the four of us.  But, being the ace of speed, she easily evaded his blow.   Ahmeel then got hold of him to prevent him from making another move while the rest of us took off our disguises.  He saw all of this and it took him quite a while to grasp what was actually going on.  He then gasped in recognition.

“It’s you! We thought you have abandoned us forever.  Welcome back brothers,” he said and embraced Ahmeel ever so tight.  Tears of joy went streaming down his eyes which somehow touched Ahmeel so much, he also cried.

“Ah, the gentle giant weeps,” said Ziel  sarcastically and tapped bothMicfranc and Ahmeel’s back.  Essence and I just couldn’t help but laugh in a moment of awkward elation.

 “Come, I’ll tell the villagers of your return,” the elder said.

Little did we know that the people had already gathered themselves, thinking that Micfranc had been abducted by the enemy.  However, when they beheld their beloved elder abreast the four heroes of mankind, they leaped and shouted for joy.  Eyes that were once sad and forlorn were now glimmering with new hope.  They were ready to fight back!

I   then said, “Today is   the moment we shall reclaim what rightfully belongs to us.  We do not need super powers, for in each of our hearts lies a hero that hungers for another triumph.  We need not fear.  The victory has already been won, the master plan laid out.  All we need to do is walk the path and fulfill our destiny.  Arise people of light!  Arise!  Onward we go – to victory!”

At that, the throng shouted their battle cry.  Swords and shields were raised.  Their eyes glowed with renewed strength and knowledge of a coming   victory.   While    metals clashed, a distant bell tolled.  It rang, louder and louder.  I couldn’t find where it was.  It wouldn’t stop.  Then, I opened my eyes…

Alas, it was a dream – a very beautiful dream.  The morning sun’s rays bathed the four corners of the room with exquisite light, gently penetrating through my eyelids.  It wasn’t just some silly dream.  It was a lesson to be learned and a challenge to be faced by me – by every Christian.

This world is a world of darkness.  There is an unseen foe lurking around, waiting for an unsuspecting soul to fall into the trap.  Most of the people have been brainwashed; they have embraced the darkness and the ways of this world, oblivious of the consequences of their beliefs and actions.  They will never see the light unless someone will show them the way and open their eyes to what is real.  We are the few good men who will stand up for what is right – even when we’re standing alone.  We are the chosen few who will battle the forces of darkness with the strength of light and love, that is, Christ Jesus.  He has given us the power to tell and show this befallen world that there is hope in the midst of the gloom.  There is a battle and we are already assured of victory.  All we need to do is wear our amour and carry our weapons.  We must save our comrades from the grip of death that binds their soul.  Time is short, let us not dally or linger.  Onward we must go.

And so I got off bed and went to work with peace in my heart, knowing that I am one of the saved.

A Few Good Men. (2006, April). KOINONIA (a quarterly newsletter of Fellowship Center Baptist Church)

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