Extraordinary Journey

The Extraordinary Life

Once again, for the nth time, I have come across one of Albert Einstein’s notable quotes,

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I definitely agree with this, said a voice in my consciousness.  Then some head scratching ensued followed by a brief moment of light panic and shortness of breath.  That day, might be due to circumstances I was facing or due to the fresh bombardment of inspirational Twitter quotes, I felt like I had to address the issue head on.  A big question loomed over my head, “What DO I love to do?” and I realized, with much dismay, I have no idea!

This is unthinkable!  I used to be a kid with so much hopes and dreams…then life happens pretty much like this.

“When I grow up I want to be a teacher!” said the 6-year-old me.  Then I decided I didn’t have the patience to deal with having to repeat instructions.

“When I grow up I want to be a writer and write books that could change the world!” said the 12-year-old me, thinking that becoming a best-selling and influential writer would be some easy task.

At 13, I wrote a song for our Girl Scout group, ExploMIGES (Which, you could guess, is a combination of the first letters of our names – Margaret, Irel, Glene, Emma, and Sharon.  Explo is short for Explorers, the name of our class section).  The chorus goes like this,

We the ExploMIGES are on the go
We are ready to help, anytime, anywhere,
If it’s for motherland
With the banner of the Scouts
e’ll be united to make this world a better place to live

“To make this world a better place to live.”  Oh, what a pure and noble aspiration from someone still going through puberty.

“Or I could be a Psychologist,” said the senior high school me.  This was when the TV show Profiler was airing. Plus I’ve always had a knack for observing other oblivious humans and making sense of the ridiculousness around me.  Then Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) became a hit and I totally wanted to be just like the cool crime fighting lab nerds.

“Mass Communication or Journalism could be an option,” I surmised.  I’ve always loved writing and I’ve always believed in the power of communication to influence people.  I could even be that pretty and smart-looking TV reporter everyone loved to watch during the 6 o’clock news.

College arrived. I took up Medical Technology and graduated cum laude. Not bad right?  But oh, laboratory life could be so routine that some personalities – like mine – just can’t handle it.  Many things have happened since then so let’s fast forward my life 14 years since college and here I am.

Where am I today? I am a God-fearing, 36-year-old millennial mom of a 4-year-old boy who I utterly adore.  I am blissfully married to a guy who is my total opposite as I’ve decided I wouldn’t be able to handle someone like me.  I now have a Masters Degree in Development Communication and I work for the government, supervising my own team in the tourism section.

It doesn’t sound too bad, you might quip. But the bright-eyed child in me is still somewhere, deep in the recesses of my subconscious, trapped in layers of ordinariness, status quo, and business as usual.  I have settled in this uneventful existence far too long!   I need an existential revolution and start working on the things I actually love to do so I “will never have to work a day” in my life.

I know that this is what YOU want for your life too!  So today, I’ve decided to take a step in this journey – the journey to EXTRAORDINARY.

This is the fundamental objective of this blog – to record my voyage and document the steps I have taken to stay on extraordinary track.  Through this, hopefully, I could help you escape the cycle of mundaneness and live your purpose.

If I can do it, you can do it too!  Now let’s take the first step together.

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