My Portfolio

From technical writing and designing marketing collaterals to video editing and making music…here’s my humble array of work.

You could say I have varied interests and a cache of skills I have developed over the years.

And I am always looking forward to using these skills to improve systems, educate, and inspire.

I Write

Here are some of my published work. These range from newsletter articles to technical reports. And hopefully, a book someday. *wink wink

I Design

I am classifying my graphics design skills as intermediate. Most of my work include posters and flyers for events and destination marketing.

I Produce

2D animated explainer and pitch videos are just so cool. These are ultra effective tools to promote your product, service, or idea. I definitely welcome the idea of working on more projects like these.

I Make Music

"A song is a message, the musician is the messenger, and music is the medium." I write the words and make melodies. It energizes me. It inspires and refreshes. I hope it does the same for you.