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Waveboards, Wakeboards, and Weddings (part 1)

The Contraption

They gather in sidewalks and even dare make busy streets their playground – these kids atop strange skateboard-looking thingamajigs that go whoosh, whoosh, and then whirl.  Such contraptions look like skateboards with a twist.  Yes folks, I am talking about the waveboard.

This plaything has two stepping pads with a pivot at the middle.  Underneath the pads are wheels much like a skateboard’s except that these could rotate 360 degrees for added flexibility.  The design requires the user to step onto the pads and make alternate horizontal wavelike motions with his feet to make the board go (or at least that is what I know theoretically).  Kids just love the waveboard, even the young-at-heart too. 

The Encounter

I once had this opportunity to come up close and personal with one.  So the child in me (hidden underneath layers of skepticism) wanted firsthand experience with the device tots so easily and effortlessly play with.  I stepped onto the board and went vroom, vroom and zoom!

Nah! That never happened.  Are you kidding me?! In fact, I never even moved an inch.  You see, I had all these dark thoughts about falling down, bruising a knee, fracturing an arm, and all sorts of mishaps one could imagine.

I wondered how on earth those kids make it look so fun and simple!  Then I remembered the time I learned how to ride a bicycle and play with my roller blades.  I remembered how I fell, bruised both knees plus an elbow, fell again, got laughed at and rolled over dirt.  Yet somehow, I never had second thoughts about getting on that bicycle again or wearing those purple roller blades for another try.

The Lesson

So what is the difference between then and now?

Fear.  I was fearless when I was a child because my father walked beside me and kept a watchful eye while I played and learned.

I am fearful now because I am on my own.  Or am I? Perhaps I just lost faith in myself and in the Heavenly Father who watches over me.

What’s one thing I have learned from the waveboard?  The day you stop taking risks is the day you stop learning and growing.  As Albert Einstein said,

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”

Try something new today!

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