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Waveboards, Wakeboards, and Weddings (part 2)

I had the chance to feel like an X-Games champ when I rode on a wakeboard during a vacation in Camarines Sur.  It was our honeymoon.

So what exactly is wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is an uber-cool water sport. It involves riding a board over the surface of a body of water.  You grab with dear life onto a rope that’s attached to a fast moving water vehicle or a mechanized cable system.  It’s sort of a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing.

I did it

There were ten of us novices at the take off point, including hubby.

The instructor gave directives on how to ride the board to get to the other side.  It looked simple enough but actually staying on the board long enough was not an easy feat.  One by one, the others fell splat on the manmade lake as the cable abruptly pulled.  It was Fail Army paradise.

It was my turn.  I clutched at the rope and remembered what the instructor said.

Point toes upward, bend knees, place your weight at the center of the board, lean sideways back and never fold your arm.

With those words in playback mode inside my rattled brain, the cable started to move.

Off I went!  Splat!

Hey, I did make it almost halfway – the farthest yet.  With my competitive juices overflowing, I finally reached the other end of the lake by the third attempt. 

“First honors!” everyone said.

Hubby, not to be utterly outdone by his “fragile” bride learned fast and reached the other side as well.

Kaya ni mister, kaya ni misis”, the others teased.  I was getting the hang of it. 

I did it again

Second lesson. We wanted to learn how to make a u-turn so that we could reach the other end of the lake and return to the starting point without letting go of the rope.

When near the other end, pull the rope a little bit without folding your arm and slowly make a 180-degree turn.  Those were the instructions.

Guess who got to successfully make a U-turn first.  Needless to say, I was the triumphant one.

Follow instructions and you’ll make it through.

The others asked, “How did you do it?”

“Just follow the instructions,” was my simple reply.

How did I do it

So how on earth did I do it?  Why was I successful when the others were not?

I trusted that the instructions were right and followed them by heart – no fear, no what ifs. 

I guess it goes the same with life.  We have a guidebook, God’s Word.  Therein are God’s commands, decrees, instructions and promises.  If we believe in His Word and obey His instructions, we can be sure to get safely to the other side.  We do it God’s way and not our way.


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