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Waveboards, Wakeboards, and Weddings (part 3)

When I get nervous, my heart beats louder but NEVER do I tremble or get cold and sweaty hands.  My wedding day, however, was a different story altogether.

Preparing for a wedding is extremely overwhelming.  From the instant you say “yes” to the seconds right before you march down the aisle, circumstances just seem to cave in on you.


On a cloudy June 12 afternoon in 2010, I stood outside the exquisite black gate of the Blue Gardens venue.  While waiting for the first notes of the Bridal March to be played, I looked back on all the twists and turns that led up to that moment.  There were times of doubt, moments of uncertainty, and days of depression.

Is this really it?  Can we pull this off?  Is everything going to be all right?

My head was plagued with questions that border on fear and disbelief.  I was venturing into the unknown.


Yet, in so many ways, God showed me His hands at work.  His blessings and surprises were nothing short of miracles.  I have never, in my life seen countless awe-inspiring acts pouring in such a short time. God touched the hearts of so many wonderful people who stepped up and helped.  They blessed us with their time, talent, finances, and all sorts of resources during the preparation until the big day.  God led us to our ideal garden venue that offered super reasonable rates.  It was His wisdom that set things in motion and perfectly put the pieces in place.


Similarly, in life, we may have many qualms about what is in store for us. Yet, I believe we would never see how God will pour out His wealth and His power unless we step into the waters of faith. 

The wedding made me realize that,

We could never experience the full extent of God’s power unless we venture into something that requires His power to be tapped and manifested.

Irel F. Manansala

Now for me, in times of doubt, I simply look back and remember the unlikely lessons I learned from the waveboard, the wakeboard, and the wedding.  


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